About Mandy Benson

For as long as I can remember exercise has played a key role in my life.  My love for fitness started at an early age playing volleyball, swimming, running and dancing.  In my teen years I joined a gym and have been training ever since.  After completing my Bachelor of Social Science at the University of Cape Town, I worked in the fitness industry for many years.  I was primarily  involved in sales and administration.

The experience that I have gained from going to the gym coupled with my desire to share this passion with kids and teens encouraged me to get qualified with AIPT.

I enjoy travelling and I would have to say that Skiing in Tokyo tops the list of one of the best holiday’s.   I encourage one to enjoy food and  “eat to live” rather than “live to eat”.  I believe that what you eat is how you feel.  My favourite food would have to be a colourful fruit salad with natural yogurt  topped off with delicious nuts and seeds.

I enjoy incorporating HIIT workout in my exercise regime as well as creating a balance with everything I do.   I strive to include a variety of exercise modalities in my training sessions as well as my client’s sessions.  I feel the knowledge that I have gained over the years has helped me understand how important it is to keep changing one’s exercise regime according to one’s specific needs in order to achieve one’s ultimate goals.


Bachelor of Social Science, Certificate IV in Fitness