About Karolina Germanaviciute

The passion for healthy, quality life has sparked me up straight after I have graduated university. Since then – I have written and published a motivational book about fitness and healthy lifestyle, started an online fitness project, created hundreds of workout videos, gathered public for educational fitness events and my oh my I did a lot of fun stuff! There wasn’t a time that I doubt my abilities.  If I set myself a goal – I work till I get it.
I simply take a chance wherever I can to spread this message to everyone: ”You are capable of doing more than you think.”

Whilst challenging myself in various activities, I also want to prove the community that the limits are in our minds only.

Some facts about myself:
•    I am a bikini fitness competitor and won my PRO cards with two different federations in the United Kingdom. I am also prep and posing coach.
•    One morning I left for a run and… eventually completed a marathon in 3h 58min.
•    I love challenges – whether this might be push-ups or a Ninja Warrior games (I have made it to auditions in the UK).
•    In my previous gym, I had a nickname ”MACHINE” – for participating and smashing my group workout sessions and winning 5 monthly challenges in a row.
•    I am sponsored by ”Myprotein” supplements brand.
•    Traveling… I have visited 16 countries and 18 states in the USA.
•    I am also an author of a novel.
•    No matter how strong I might be, but I can not do many pull-ups (however, this is one of my goals)
•    I have attended Queen’s Elizabeth’s garden party in Buckingham Palace!

And oh… I can help you to achieve your goals too 🙂


Broadcast Journalism Degree
Level 3 Certificate in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training