About Jaden Fingleson

Years in Fitness Industry:  
Client Specialisation:  Kids Group Classes and PT


Sports and fitness have been a part of my life from a very early age.  I have taken part in team sports since as early as I could kick or throw a ball.

Baseball is and always has been in the blood, having been inspired by my Dad and Uncle Gavin.  It is the team work and joy of taking part that I enjoyed the most.

I have always been interested in the movement of the human body and what it takes to perform in an efficient and optimal way.

Having enrolled in a Bachelor of Human Sciences with speciality in Cognitive behaviour and human movement I am complimenting this with work as a personal trainer, currently completing my Cert III/IV.


As part of my learning and being around the rehabilitation practices, I also work as an Allied Health worker at Lady Davidson Rehabilitation Hospital.


I enjoy working with kids and seeing them have the joy of exercise.  I have been umpiring AFL since I was 13, which gives me the opportunity to see and be around kids outdoors being their best.  I now have the privilege of being an umpire coach and helping other young umpires learn about the game and develop their leadership skills.


Being a part of the O2 team is inspiring and great to learn from such amazing people who are at the top of their game with so much experience.