About Gavin Fingleson

Years in Fitness Industry: 21
Client Specialisation:  Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Preparation & Shoulder Rehabilitation

Why did you join the Fitness Industry?

Before becoming a trainer, I was a professional baseball player in the USA. As an athlete, I was always intrigued by the training methods we used, interested in how the human body worked and techniques that allowed it to function at its peak. This allowed me access to some great coaches, and I was totally committed to improving my performance through physical training. They inspired me, with their unflagging dedication and innovative strategies in fitness and training, constantly challenging and helping me achieve my goals.

Once I finished playing, it was an easy decision to move into fitness. My positive experiences taught me the invaluable difference that a devoted and knowledgeable coach can make to the training experience.

What is your level of experience?

I have both an understanding of the scientific and practical elements of fitness training. I have a degree in Health Promotion and Exercise Science, but have also had the opportunity to gain an intimate knowledge of what it takes to train professional athletes in my 9 years of playing elite sport. These strategies are by no means reserved for those competing at a high level – everyone should have access to the best training methods and techniques available. I am currently a consultant with both the NSW Blues & Sri Lankan Cricket Teams in the areas of throwing mechanics and shoulder health, in addition to operating my own Health Consulting business, O2 Studio.

How do you give your Clients the results they desire?

As a sportsman, I learnt quickly that the old adage is true; there are no shortcuts in life. This is as true in elite sport as it is in basic fitness training; your results are a direct reflection of the decisions you make each day. For this reason, I don’t just train my clients, I educate them. I strive to give my clients the tools that will allow them to make positive changes at every point in their day, not just the time they spend in the gym. Clear lines of communication mean I can craft training programs that achieve results for each and every client. A sound knowledge of their bodies’ mean that my clients understand that every good decision they make puts them one step closer to realising their dreams.

  • Senior Centrality Health Consultant
  • Health Promotion and Exercise Science Degree
  • Level 1 Strength & Conditioning
  • Level 1 Kettlebell Instruction
  • Metabolic Testing ACE Certified
Additional Information

Played Elite Level Baseball in the U.S and Taiwan & won a Silver Medal for Australia at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games