About Damian Boddy

Years in Fitness Industry: 9

Client Specialisation:   -Strength & Conditioning, Injury Prevention & peak performance coaching

Why did you join the Fitness Industry?
I have always been fascinated by phenomenal sporting achievement whether that be the fastest, the strongest, the most accurate or the most able to endure. In the past I have strived to achieve it through rugby and athletics, as a result feel compelled to help others find a way to achieve what they thought impossible.

What is your level of experience?
I have been coaching now for 9 years and prior to that I was a student of Biomedical science I the UK. Throughout the years I have taught hundreds of clients and inspired results not just in physique but in attitude towards exercise and self improvement.

How do you give your Clients the results they desire?
Understanding the human body and what we are physically capable of is my passion and I use it to great effect when working towards a goal with my clients. Each and every client I have worked with has had nuances within their movement that required attention, I aim to shine a spotlight on any present dysfunction in order to teach the resolution. Remember the path of least resistance is not always the path to success.


Cert 4 Personal Training
Remedial massage therapy (in progress)
Level 1 & 2 Kettlebell movements
Level 1 Studio Cycling & Group Exercise