About Anna Nordahl

ABOUT Anna Nordahl

Years in Fitness Industry: 7 years pilates instructor in Australia and Sweden.

Client Specialisation:  Classical Pilates

I grew up in a family where sports and wellbeing was a matter of course. Following my older brother’s steps my biggest passion was soccer and wrestling.

I still remember the first time my my mom took me to a pilates class, I couldn’t wait until it was over, i found it sooooo boring. However, (years later) in 2013, I moved to Australia and I thought I would give it a second go; that’s when I tried classical Pilates – I fell in love and that’s where my Pilates-journey begun!

I moved back to Europe and finished a 600h Comprehensive Classical Education through The Pilates Standard.

I believe Pilates is an excellent work out for everybody. As it is or as a complimentary excersise. I have experience in mat and all apparatus: rehab – advanced level.

I’m excited to share my love for movement with you! I believe that once you feel the difference in your body you will happily bring Pilates with you the rest of your life.