About This Lesson

What Is Pilates ?

Pilates focuses predominantly on anatomical and physical function, with all exercises initiating from the core, deep abdominal muscles – known as the powerhouse. When utilized together with the breath, the body is able to work at its best- optimizing length, strength, and functionality.

Is Pilates for me?
Pilates is for everybody. Every. Body. Every age group and stage of life, no matter where your ability or fitness level is at. Many professional athletes use Pilates to improve their overall performance. Many women use Pilates before during and after pregnancy to attain and retain their fitness and health. Pilates is often used in conjunction with other health professionals as a rehab tool. Pilates can be a crucial component to your exercise routine and serve as a ‘fountain of youth’ for your overall physical and even mental well-being.

How can Pilates benefit me?

– correct imbalances within the body
– improve posture
– increase flexibility and mobiliy
– strengthen stabilizing muscles, not just the larger muscle groups
– prevent and/or recover from injuries
– better breathing
– reduce stress
– reduce lower back pain
– strengthen pelvic floor

What we offer

With 5 Reformer Balanced Body Tower of Power Allegro 2 – we offer groups classes to a max of 5 clients , as well as private and semi private sessions .

Pilates sessions will focus on Pilates principles.


Pilates Timetable


In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a new body.

~ Joseph Pilates

Please note that Pilates classes incur additional charges.


9AM - 10AM
Monday 9AM - 10AM


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