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1 on 1

Our 1 on 1 training programs will always begin with a full postural analysis where we will have the opportunity to evaluate your body positioning and ranges of motion. This is to help us determine and locate your strengths and weaknesses so that we can formulate the best course of action for your progressive training routine. Whether you are coming to us upon referral from your doctor or physio, interested in training because of an injury or condition that has been keeping you from the activities you enjoy, or just looking to increase your strength and fitness levels, we are committed to getting you the best results without ever limiting you or putting you at risk.

Once your postural analysis is completed, we will be able to help you determine the best plan to achieve your desired training outcomes. We can then recommend the best and most suitable map for your personal program.

Personal Training 1 on 1 sessions will be available for either 1 hour, or 45 minute appointments, based on your needs and guidelines established with your trainers once all of the necessary information has been collected and goals have been established.

Buddy Up

Like our 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions, Buddy Up sessions are an excellent way to train at O2 Studio for great fitness results! If you and a mate are looking for a way to get the best training and education regarding your health and exercise regimes, team up at O2 Studio and workout together in a 2 on 1 ratio with one of our health consultants.

Get variety and education every time you workout as well as have someone to share in the fun! You can choose a friend or we can pair you up with someone if you are having trouble getting a partner to train with you. Get the benefits of individualised training and personal attention, while still having a workout partner to share the sessions and experience with you.

Micro Groups

At O2 Studio we recognise that there are all sorts of reasons for getting involved in a fitness program, We are committed to bringing education and experience to everyone, and helping you find the best balance in your life for fitness fun and quality training that will improve your health and heartiness!

Maybe you are hoping for a great results based system and routine without missing the atmosphere of sharing your training with a few good friends? Maybe you are training for an event or a group activity and getting a few more people involved would not only be fun, but helpful?  Maybe you really want to get into a routine with some guidance and professional training, but your pockets are just not able to commit they way your heart and body are? If any of this rings true, O2 Studio Micro Groups is a great opportunity for you to get just what you are looking for!

Micro Group Training is a scheduled, set session that is reserved for 4 committed group members and is a fantastic way to train hard, learn lots, build a social sweat and still have plenty of personalised attention from your O2 Studio trainer!

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