About This Lesson

At O2 Studio we recognise the importance of exercise for children and its many benefits in areas such as improved metabolic processes, movements of joints and muscles, oxygen delivery throughout the body, strength and endurance, motor skills, sleeping patterns, weight control, body fat, stress and anxiety, concentration, self-esteem, confidence and sense of well-being.

Our number one goal is to make fitness fun and inspire an early love of health and fitness in children, serving as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle!

Classes for Ages 12 – 15 Years

O2 offers both Micro Kids Personal Training Sessions and Kids Group Training options for children.

Micro Kids Personal Training Groups consist of 3-4 children in each session and are offered to all children who require a smaller group session. Get together with some friends and create your own group or we can team you up with a suitable group!

If you prefer larger groups, the Kids Group Training sessions will comprise of up to 15 children in the group, offering variety and great workouts in a class setting.

All Kids Training classes will run for 45 minutes weekday afternoons and will teach the children the fundamentals of fitness as well as agility, strength training, balance, coordination, motor skill development and enhancement and cardiovascular endurance and strength.

Classes for Ages 6 – 8 Years

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. O2 studio is an ideal setting to foster the development of positive physical activity habits early in life. These training classes are aimed specifically at younger children, designed to target certain physical qualities. Our trainers act as positive role models for children and encourage them to participate in specific playful activities that:

  • promote the development of gross motor and fine motor skills,
  • provide the opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills
  • help to establish connections between different parts of the brain

Such activities include obstacle courses, climbing, crawling, kids yoga, breathing and many more. The 6 – 8 year old training classes will run for 45 minutes on Monday and Wednesday and will be limited to 8 children per class.



Monday 9AM - 10AM