About This Lesson

O2 studio are service and results based whether we are working with one client at a time, or training 20 at a time! We want to offer you a chance to learn and grow from every experience you have with us, so we make sure that we are always available and interactive with our clients even in a class setting.

We offer 8 week training phases that are not only scheduled sessions full of variety and great workouts, but we also teach you the progressive benefits of the exercises and practices that we use. Have purpose and structure with each session, and progress your knowledge as well as your body!

Each 8 week track will be laid out with all sessions scheduled and planned ahead of time so that you have the opportunity to pick and choose the ones that are most beneficial and fun for you. Come to one session, come to some sessions, come to all sessions offered in your track! If you love working with people and having a purposeful workout as you train, O2 Studio gives you the opportunity to enjoy all of it at once!

At O2 Studio, you will be able to enjoy a group atmosphere, but never be pushed beyond your own personal boundaries. Training with others never means competing with others at O2 Studio. While groups have people of all shapes, sizes and needs, one thing remains the same: everyone is able to improve and everyone is able to learn!

In addition to the benefits of the sessions and workouts themselves, but you will also receive emails from your trainers, giving you training tips and session reviews. We want to build a community for more than just training, we want to inspire and encourage an atmosphere that helps you to incorporate fitness, health and wellness into your lifestyle…even when you are not in the moment of a workout!

Find the thrill of working as a team, training and sweating, learning new things about your fitness and your body, working hard and enjoying it… and become a part of a family! Find pride, encouragement and motivation for others and from others, and get into the O2 Studio Group Training Programs!

See below for our class schedule. We also offer women’s only and men’s only closed classes. Contact us to book in to any of these specialised classes. Please note that all classes with a ** are specialised classes and not included in your membership.


Monday 9AM - 10AM