A holistic approach to science based training that is outcome focused for long term benefits. O2 Studio is the product of education and the demand for quality training and care. We know that sometimes there is a bit of disparity between what we want and what we need. This is a certainty when it comes to exercise and fitness!

What We Do

The O2 Studio team is not only goal oriented, but results driven. We know that success breeds more success, and there is no motivation stronger than a bit of achievement. With the science and knowledge of exercise and physiology as our structural tools for training, we add a passion for health and fitness, sincerity and genuine interest and concern for people and our community and the compassion necessary to develop an understanding for each individual who comes to train with us. We know how important it is to be confident as well as comfortable when it comes to training. We provide an opportunity for learning and growing within your personal journey for achieving new levels of health and fitness.

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Who We Are

The O2 Studio team is about helping you make choices that suit you and your specific physical and emotional pursuits. We are here to educate you and coach you to the most efficient, successful results so that you can train and develop a healthier happier lifestyle that is sustainable and fluid.

With a plethora of training opportunities and a variety of professional services, we offer something for everyone, regardless of your walk of life. From group training, to massage therapy; nutritional services to metabolic analysis and cardio programming; injury rehabilitation, supported by medical professionals, to sport specific and athletic performance training; consultations for workplace or lifestyle ergonomics to foot strike, gate analysis and footwear advice; results based personal training or a train on your own as a studio member; we do it all.

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